Rial Pharma Ltd is a company specialized in the distribution of pharmacologically active substances, raw materials and plant extracts, nutraceuticals grown for human use supplements, galenic products for the pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry, food, health food and cosmetics.

Among our goals is the continuous improvement of what we offer, designed to meet the customer needs, thanks to the strong bonds of partnership with our suppliers and international partners.

In a market with a high demand for quality, our company aims to offer the bests products and raw materials available on European and non-European markets, due to technical and sales managers Rial Parma Ltd is able to offer a highly specialized product search service.

Sustainable development, eco-compatibility, prevention and control of risks in the organization of workers, improvement of business performance, these are the essential pillars for the development of Rial Pharma Ltd and its employees. 

Special attention is directed to the supply and control research process by which they are identified, specified, retrieved and delivered all activities and procedures in order to provide and maintain those levels of exalted service that can meet your business needs and the final consumer.

Rial Pharma Ltd has set itself the aim of creating a good and steady image with its customers, in compliance with the applicable rules and laws, acting with professionalism of any problems which might occur after delivery.

The Quality Policy, which hinges on the aforementioned content, is implemented, widely disseminated and supported by:

* The systematic application of the Management System for Quality;

* The involvement of all staff, which is informed on objectives and properly trained and trained to operate;

* The use of qualified suppliers and materials;

* Documentation of all errors detected within the Company and the customer complaints, their analysis and resolution (treatment);

* The systematic monitoring of customer needs and the degree of their satisfaction;

* The introduction of preventive and remedial actions, necessary to ensure respectively that the causes of the problems and prevented or removed permanently.

Rial Pharma Ltd is also continuously involved in business processes in order to ensure both the respect in terms of prevention and containment of environmental impacts and resource consumption, as well as seek to promote a greater environmental sensitivity.



Autorizzazioni in possesso:

• “Autorizzazione alla distribuzione all’ingrosso di materie prime farmacologicamente attive” con Determinazione del Responsabile F.F. dell’UOC Servizi Farmaceutici n. 391 del 30/07/2008 Regione Lombardia A.S.L. Provincia di Milano n. 1.

• Dichiarazione di inizio Attività Produttiva (mod. B), con anche Autorizzazione Sanitaria per Deposito di principi attivi farmaceutici
ad uso alimentare ed estratti secchi vegetali del 29/07/2008.

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