In all things of nature there is something wonderful.

— Aristotele



Plant extracts

The quality of the product supplied, as of the suppliers, is simply the most important phase for Rial Pharma which aims to guarantee the highest quality available in such an important segment as that of plant extracts.



The use of mushrooms as a supplement in recent times is becoming more and more widespread, both by doctors and by nutritionists and naturopaths.


Soft Gel products with the main active ingredients for the dietetic sector, antioxidants, vegetable oils, essential fatty acids of vegetable and animal origin, combinations of Omega 3-6-9, concentrates and Soy lecithins, metabolism stimulants. Cosmetic products, mainly active for external use based on ceramides, retinoic, aloe vera.


Natural pigments

The NATURAL PIGMENTS product line meets the needs of food and nutraceutical manufacturers. It has many applications, including: fillings for sweets and pastries, snacks and coatings for other food products, vitamins and food supplements in tablets and potential application in the cosmetic industry.


The term “nutraceutical” was used for the first time by Dr.Stephen De Felice to indicate the fusion of word “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”. Rial Pharma’s catalog also includes a wide range of products for the production of food supplements and nutraceuticals, given the increase of their consumption and the increasing prominence in recent years.



Wholesale, import and export of pharmaceutical products, active ingredients and plant extracts, homeopathic, galenic, phytotherapy, dietetic parapharmaceuticals, perfumery products and, in any case, all products that by law can be distributed or traded in an establishment pharmaceutical or parapharmaceutical.

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