Scientifically known as Piper methysticum (“intoxicating pepper”), the green kava kava shrub belongs to the Piperaceae family and is a herb native to the distant lands of Polynesia. It has been used since ancient times by the Polynesian population as a sedative to calm states of anxiety and pain, counteract fatigue and facilitate sleep. Properties also confirmed by Western medicine. Many beneficial properties can be traced back to the kava kava root, provided it is used in the recommended doses: anxiolytic and sedative properties (the active ingredients of which it is composed act positively on the nervous system giving the body a condition of relaxation), pain-relieving properties (the root of kava kava is widely used for the resolution of pain conditions, in particular cramps), cognitive properties (the kava kava extract, contrary to the action of psychotropic drugs, has a positive effect on memory).

(CAS No.: 84696-40-2)