We are a company specialized in the distribution of pharmacologically active substances, raw materials and plant extracts, nutraceuticals for the production of supplements for human use, galenic products for the pharmacy and for the pharmaceutical, food, nutritional and cosmetic industries.

Among our objectives is the continuous improvement of the offer, aimed at satisfying the customer’s needs, thanks also to the strong collaboration ties with our suppliers and international partners.

In a market context with a strong demand for quality, our company aims to offer the best products and raw materials available on European and non-European markets, thanks to technical and commercial managers Rial Pharma is able to offer a highly specialist.

We have in-depth knowledge of suppliers that we know and esteem personally, and we import selected raw materials on behalf of third parties in Italy.

Our direct relationship with the producers allows us to obtain fast and customized supplies in a historical period where raw materials are scarce and orders take a long time.


Sustainable development, eco-compatibility, prevention in the organization and control of workers’ risks, improvement of company performance, these are the essential pillars for the development of Rial Pharma and its employees.

Particular attention is paid to the procurement and control search process through which all the activities and procedures are identified, specified, found and provided in order to provide and maintain those excellent levels of service capable of satisfying the business needs and the final consumer. We have set ourselves the goal of creating a good and solid image with the Customers, in compliance with the applicable rules and laws, also intervening with professionalism on needs subsequent to delivery.

The Quality Policy, which hinges on the aforementioned contents, is implemented, disseminated and supported through:

  • the systematic application of the Quality Management System;
  • the use of qualified Suppliers and materials;
  • documentation of all errors detected within the Company and customer complaints, their analysis and resolution (treatment);
  • systematic monitoring of customer needs and the degree of their satisfaction;
  • the introduction of preventive and corrective actions necessary to guarantee respectively that the causes of the problems are prevented or definitively removed.

We are also constantly engaged in corporate processes to ensure compliance with prevention, containment of environmental impacts and consumption of resources, as well as being promoters of greater environmental sensitivity.

Marialuisa Citterio – CEO
She has a passion for gardening and loves dogs, she has three of them. Patience, dedication, planning, problem solving, perseverance and determination are skills needed to develop relationships with her four-legged friends and to practice gardening. Quality that she applies in her everyday work to contribute to the success of her company.
Massimo Cultraro – Chairman
A leader must be able to communicate effectively, have an open mind and invest time in understanding people by valuing everyone’s characteristics. His passion for classical music highlights his character traits, which coincide with the qualities required by his job position, such as serenity in making decisions and staff motivation through assertive communication.
Alessandro Cultraro – Financial Manager
Traveling and reading are apparently opposite passions, but in reality they have many points in common. Reading a book makes your imagination travel and traveling is a great way to learn new things, just like reading a book. Through his passions he has developed organizational, planning, communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills, which he successfully applies in maintaining relations with foreign countries and in managing the promotion of products and company operations
Andrea Oldani – Executive Assistant
He has a passion for football, a sport that develops important skills such as teamwork, communication, planning, resilience and motivation of teammates. These qualities are very useful in his work, which he carries out with enthusiasm, gaining trust and esteem within the company.
Giacomo Rossi – Regulatory Affairs
Passionate about puzzles, he puts his best skills of patience and attention to detail into play to complete them. These qualities, together with a marked propensity for problem solving, make him a valued and respected collaborator in the company. Puzzles are like work: sometimes they’re difficult, but eventually all the pieces fit together.
Fabio Corvace – Warehouse worker
He has a passion for walking, which he considers a wonderful pastime. Walking is a lifestyle, it’s seeing the world in slow motion and listening to your footsteps, it’s not just physical exercise, but a panacea to face everyday life with calm and concentration, qualities that he transfers every day to his role as a warehouse worker carried out with enthusiasm and great energy.
Corrado Canzio – Pharmaceutical director
He has a passion for cycling. The cyclist must be determined, have technical skills, plan the training and the race, and when he is in the group he must be able to communicate and work as a team. The qualities he develops with cycling improve his approach to work allowing him to carry out his role as pharmaceutical director even more effectively.
Nancy – Chinese correspondent
Passionate about cinema, she has developed a strong capacity for critical analysis: watching and evaluating films helps her develop the ability to better analyze and understand different languages and cultures, thanks to her passion she has developed a deeper understanding of history, society and people’s needs; these soft skills make her an even more effective correspondent.
Daisy – Chinese correspondent
International cuisine and dishes are her forte. Creativity, timing and organization are the qualities that stand out when she prepares new recipes and they are the same skills that make her an excellent correspondent, a role played with passion and an open mind.
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