The NATURAL COLORANTS product line satisfies the needs of food and nutraceutical manufacturers . It has many applications, including: fillings for confectionery and pastry, snacks and coatings for other food products, vitamins and food supplements in tablets and potential application in the cosmetic industry.

It is the natural alternative to artificial colors on the market:

High performance natural dyes, High color fastness, Entirely of vegetable origin, Wide range of colors, uniform visual appearance, compatible with most dispersion systems.

EU Colors

Product Color
Carmine color RED
Beetroot extract RED
Anthocyanins RED
Licopene E160d RED
Black Carrot Extract RED
Copper chlorophyllin GREEN
Riboflavin YELLOW
Riboflavin-5-phosphate YELLOW
Safflower extract YELLOW
Beta Carotene YELLOW
Spirulina Extract BLUE
Gardenia Blue extract BLUE
Carmel color E150d CARAMEL
Charcoal BLACK

Non-EU Colors

Product Color
Black Carrot extract RED
Bilberry extract RED
Red Cabbage Extract RED
Beetroot extract RED
Paprika oleoresin extract RED
Purple Sweet Potato extract RED
Sorghum Red extract RED
Lycpene RED
Copper-Sodium Chlorophyll GREEN
Safflower Yellow Extract YELLOW
Gardenia Yellow Extract YELLOW
Gardenia Blue extract BLUE
Spirulina extract BLUE
Cocoa husk extract BROWN
Chestnut shell extract BROWN
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