• Latin Name: Ajuga Reptans
  • CAS No.: 90320-26-6
  • Active Ingredient:
  • Specifications: 5:1
  • Plant of origin: Ajuga Reptans
  • Part used: aerial part
  • Appearance: Fine Brownish Yellow Powder



Bugle (scientific name Ajuga reptans), commonly known as St. Lawrence’s grass, is a perennial herbaceous plant widespread throughout Europe up to Asia Minor. It tends to grow in fertile uncultivated meadows and along paths and hedges. For therapeutic purposes, the aerial parts of the bugle are used above all, especially the leaves.


Bugle can be used for internal use through the preparation of an infusion based on its leaves in order to exploit its important healing properties, such as anti-inflammatory and astringent ones, especially useful in case of intestinal disorders. The anti-inflammatory action of the bugle can also be exploited for infections affecting the oral cavity.