Lipoic acid, also called thioctic acid or dithioctanoic acid, is of essential importance for the health of the human body cells. It is a growth factor for numerous microorganisms. There are several properties that are attributed to lipoic acid and that this substance is used as an ingredient in various supplements. The most important is certainly the antioxidant capacity: this substance would be able to protect cells from damage caused by the harmful action of free radicals (both at the intracellular level and at the level of cell membranes). This acid, in addition to carrying out a direct antioxidant action, also favors the action of other antioxidant substances (vitamin E, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, etc.), thus also giving rise to an indirect antioxidant action. Several studies have highlighted the potential involvement of lipoic acid in keeping blood sugar levels under control, giving rise to anti-diabetes effects; finally, other studies have found the protective action of lipoic acid on cardiovascular function.

(CAS No: 1077-28-7)