Anhydrous caffeine is a variant of the better known caffeine, the difference of which lies in the chemical composition. The absence of water in anhydrous caffeine modifies its absorption times, making it longer but at the same time more effective. It is a well-known functional for its action on the microcirculation and its ability to reduce bags and dark circles around the eyes. It is part of a group of substances called Methylxanthines, recognized as effective in determining the activation of the metabolism of adipocytes with the result of a demolition of stored fats; caffeine is therefore indicated for the treatment of localized adiposity and cellulite. The main actions of caffeine for topical use are: beneficial effect on microcirculation, reduction of dark circles and bags, slimming and toning action (reduction of adiposity and cellulite), antioxidant action, astringent action, improvement of skin tone and smoothness.

(CAS No: 58-08-2)