• Latin Name: Hordeum Vulgare
  • CAS No.: 85251-64-5, 94349-67-4
  • Active Ingredient:: Vitamin K Flavonoids
  • Specifications: 30:1


Cereal grass is the young green plant that grows to produce the cereal grain. Grassed belong to the Gramineae family that provided all the world’s cereals and most of world’s sugar. Wheat grass and Barley grass are popular nutritional supplements and are rich sources of chlorophyll.



Wheat sprout extracts have demonstrated antimutagenic activity in vitro. Wheat sprouts and Wheat grass are rich in chlorophyll, and the antimutagenic activity of wheat sprouts may be accounted for by the presence of this substance, which is known to have antimutagenic activity. Other substances, including flavonoids, may also play a role in the possible activities.


Wheat grass/Barley grass supplements are promoted for multiple uses. Claims have been made that they help lower cholesterol, detoxify many pollutants, protect agains soler and other forms of radiation, boost energy and immunity, enhance wound healing, help with digestion, fight tooth decay and bad breath, promote healthy skin, lower blood pressure, among other things.