Citrus fruit is NOT the set of fruits with the highest concentration of fibers. However, looking at the chemical detail, an excellent percentage of protopectin (soluble fiber known as pectin) emerges. Pectin is a structural polymer contained in the cell walls of plants. It is a heteropolysaccharide, that is a “chain” formed by many “units” which are also different from each other. Some links between the “bricks” are of the alpha 1-4 glycosidic type (theoretically digestible for humans). However, our bodies are NOT able to absorb what’s left of the pectin after digestion. This means that the function of this nutritional component is NOT of an energetic-metabolic type. Thanks to its gelling capacity, pectin increases the sense of satiety, slows digestion, modulates absorption, tends to reduce cholesterol uptake and regulates intestinal motility.

(CAS No: 9000-69-5)