• Latin Name: Plectranthus barbatus
  • CAS No.: 223748-52-5
  • Active Ingredient: Forskoline
  • Specifications: 5% – 10% – 20%
  • Test Method: HPLC
  • Part used: Roots
  • Appearance: Fine yellow brown powder



The coleus is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family; it can reach 90 centimeters in height, the leaves are light green with serrated edges, the flowers can be violet-blue or they can be of a shade between blue and indigo. The roots of the plant are fleshy and aromatic and constitute the drug, understood in this sense as the part of the plant used that contains and from which the active substances that make this plant species so interesting are obtained.


  • Weight loss aid
  • Dilation of the bronchi
  • Better resistance to depression
  • Reduction of blood pressure
  • Protection against glaucoma
  • Effective fight against inflammation
  • Better muscle recovery