• Latin Name:: Vaccinium Macrocarponl.
  • CAS No.: 84082-34-8
  • Active Ingredient: Anthocyanosides Anthocyanidins
  • Specifications: 20% 
  • Test Method: UV – VIS


These small, dark red berries have a long medical history in addition to a colorful culinary one. Specifically cranberry juice and cranberry extract appear to help prevent and even eliminate urinary tract infections.


Early American physicians successfully applied crushed cranberries to heal wounds. They also used cranberries as a remedy for the age-old malady known as scurvy, a disease caused by the lack of Vitamin C. It wasn’t too surprising, therefore, when modern scientists discovered that cranberries contain plentiful stores of this common antioxidant vitamin.

Specifically, Cranberry may help to:

Prevent and relieve symptoms of urinary tract infections (UTIs). In addition, when taken at tthe same time as prescription of antibiotics for a UTI, cranberry juice or cranberry extract in supplement form may lessen the duration of the infection and help to ease such symptoms as itching, burning and pain. Reduce the risk for kidney stones.