• Latin Name: Cuminum cyminum
  • CAS No.: 84775-51-9
  • Active Ingredient:
  • Specifications: 5:1
  • Part used: Seeds
  • Appearance: Fine yellow brown powder



Cumin, a spice with many properties. Cumin seeds are derived from the plant of the same name (the corresponding Latin name is Cuminum cyminum) belonging to the Apiaceae family, native to the Eastern Mediterranean area and India. They are obtained from its fruits after drying and are used in the food tradition typical of different cultures, both in the form of whole seeds and ground spice.


  • They contain a lot of antioxidants, especially when taken in the form of whole seeds.
  • They are excellent iron supplements, which makes them particularly useful especially in case of anemia or during the menstrual period.
  • They help reduce cholesterol.
  • Taken in the form of a decoction, they promote digestion by stimulating the production of enzymes in the pancreas and the metabolism. They also help eliminate intestinal gas and relieve pain and cramps.
  • They help detoxify the body: they stimulate digestion and intestinal transit and toxins present in the body are expelled more quickly.
  • They have an anticancer action, protecting above all the stomach and liver.