• Latin Name: Curcuma Longa
  • CAS No.: 84775-52-0
  • Active Ingredient: Curcuminoids
  • Specifications: 30%, 90%, 95%, 98%  
  • Test Method: HPLC  


Tumeric is a herbaceous plant with a yellow-ocher colour original of India. Indians know its benefits and they’ve been using it since more than five-thousand years not only as a spice, but also as a dye and anti-inflammatory.

This plant is also called “Saffron of the Indies” and is characterized by long, oval-shaped leaves that receive the special flowers gatheres in spikes, these are extracted from the rhizomes that are boiled, dried and then pressed with special tools before the use.


Tumeric has exceptional antioxidant qualities, as it is able to transform free radicals into harmless substances for our organism and consequently to slow down the cellular aging.

This plant has remarkable healing properties. The application on wounds, burns, insect bites and dermatitis can speed up the healing process.

Among he most important pharmacological properties Tumeric is able to facilitate the production of bile and its natural intestine outflow. The assumption of Tumeric improves the functioning of stomach and intestines, helping also to fight cholesterol (making the disposal of excess fats easier).

This herb is a blessing for all those people who have digestive problems and is one of the most powerful natural remedies in circulation against articular pain and flu.