Deanol is an amino acid produced in small quantities in the human brain. In nature it is also found in sardines and salmon. Deanolo began to attract the attention of researchers in the 1960s for its ability to increase the intellectual abilities of patients with mental disorders. Deanol has the ability to increase the levels of neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine. For this reason it has been used for many years in allopathic medicine to increase memory in patients, even if the results were ultimately not entirely conclusive. Currently the deanol is more used in the dermatological field, the form in deanol bitartrate is almost always used because it is more stable. Applied to the skin, its molecules are inserted inside the components of the callular membrane, and become part of them to make the membrane more resistant to organic stress. Deanol can also stimulate the production of arachidonic acid and other pre-inflammatory mediators in order to stabilize the cell membrane and its preservation.

(CAS No: 5988-51-2)