• Latin Name: Herniaria Glabra
  • CAS No.: 84775-60-0
  • Active Ingredient: Polyphenols
  • Specifications: 0,5%
  • Test Method: UV-VIS
  • Part used: Whole plant
  • Appearance: Fine brown powder



Herniaria is an annual plant widespread in Europe and western Asia, present, with two subspecies, in all regions of Italy. It grows in ruderal vegetation subjected to trampling, on arid gravelly-sandy soils, rich in bases but poor in calcium, from neutral to subacid, from sea level to about 1500 m (rarely higher, up to 2000 m). The plant contains saponins and was once considered a remedy for hernia, hence the generic name; the species name refers to the scarce hairiness that distinguishes it from H. hirsuta.


  • Astringent
  • Diuretic
  • Expectorant.