Carnitine is a substance naturally present in tissues. It performs several functions in our body: the best known is to transport fatty acids inside the mitochondria, the energy plants of the cells, where they are converted into energy. There are several properties of carnitine for which it is used as a supplement, especially in sports (to increase athletic performance) and food (as an aid to lose weight). In the dietary / food sector, carnitine would play an important role in lipid metabolism, facilitating the transformation of fat into energy and facilitating the burning of fat during exercise. In a more strictly sports context, carnitine would have the ability to facilitate muscle recovery after athletic performance and to facilitate the repair of muscle tissue in case of damage; it would then help to delay the onset of fatigue, to maintain high energy levels for prolonged periods during physical exertion and, moreover, it would increase endurance. Finally, in elderly people, carnitine would help keep cholesterol and lipid levels in the blood under control.

(CAS No.: 541-14-0)