• Latin Name: Glycyrriza Glabra
  • CAS No.: 84775-66-6
  • Active Ingredient: Glycyrrhizinic Acid (GA)
  • Specification: 26% Glycyrrhizinic Acid
  • Part Used: Root
  • Test Method: HPLC


Licorice root (Glycyrriza Glabra) has a long history of use in Chinese medicine and is known as the “great harmonizer”. It is frequently added to mixed botanical preparations to balance other herbs and to promote digestion and vitality. Licorice root extract may be helpful for treating symptoms associated with premestrual syndrome (PMS). Studies have shown that the extract has estrogenic activity and may help to regulate the estrogen-progesterone ratio. Licorice root extract has been used in Japan for more than twenty years as a treatment for chronic hepatitis. Results from randomized clinical trials using licorice root have shown a significant reduction of serum amino-transferase and a significant improvement in liver.


  • it has anti-viral activity
  • it has the ability to promote the healing of gastric ulcers
  • many of the phenolic compounds isolated from licorice root may also help to protect low density lipoprotein (LDL) and red blood cells from oxidative damage.