It is made from shark liver oil and is a long-chain monounsaturated fatty acid significantly present in nerve tissue and brain white matter. Its main functions are: Regeneration of the myelin sheath, general improvement of brain functions, reduction of total blood cholesterol, adjuvant treatment in neuro-muscular pathologies (including muscular dystrophy), adjuvant of growth and brain development of the child, anti-aging, anti-stress and improvement action memory capacity, adjuvant in skin diseases of autoimmune origin. Treatment with nervonic acid can relieve some of the main symptoms by actively implementing brain cell nutrition, repairing the damaged nervous organization and restoring posture to normal conditions. It is an essential nutrient for brain growth and maintenance and has significant effects on the functionality of the brain nerve fibers and in the prevention of widespread diseases such as senile dementia.

(CAS No.: 506-37-6)