• Latin Name: Rubus Chingii Hi
  • CAS No.: 223748-34-3
  • Active Ingredient: Raspberry Ketones
  • Specifications: 98% Raspberry Ketone
  • Part Used: Fruit (Natural dried)
  • Test Method: HPLC
  • Appearance: Brown or white powder 


Raspberries are an important fruit crop, widely grown in all temperate regions of the world. Raspberry ketone is a natural phenolic compound that is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries. It is used in perfumery, in cosmetics and as a food additive to impart fruity odor. It is one of the most expensive natural flavor components used in the food industry. 

Raspberry contain polypeptides, flavonoids and tannins. The fruit contains pectin, fruit sugars, fruit acids and vitamins A, B1, and C.


  • Weight loss
  • Control your body’s cholesterol and blood pressure levels
  • A natural antioxidant
  • Help relieve inflammation