• Latin Name: Trifolium Pratense
  • CAS No.: 85085-25-2
  • Active Ingredient: Isoflavones
  • Specifications: 20% 
  • Test Method: HPLC


Red Clover, a wild plant used as grazing food for cattle and other livestock, has also been used medicinally to treat a wide array of conditions. These have included mastitis (inflammation of the breast), joint disorders, jaundice, bronchitis, spasmodic coughing, asthma and skin inflammations, such as psoriasis and eczema. Red Clover is thought to “purify” the blood by promoting urine and mucous production, improving circulation, and stimulating the secretion of bile. Recently, specific chemicals in red clover – known as isoflavones- have been isolated and tested for their effectiveness in treating a variety of conditions. Although isolated isoflavone products are very different from the whole herb, they have shown promise in the treatment of a number of conditions associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, cardiovascular health and the bone loss associated with osteoporosis.

Red Clover is a perennial herb that commonly grows wild in meadows throughout Europe and Asia, and has now been naturalized to grow in North America. The red flowers at the end of the branched stems are considered to be the source of its medicinal properties and are usually dried for therapeutic use.


Lipid regulator, diuretic e anti-anafilassi.


Medicine, Cosmetic Industry, Food manufacturing industry, Pediatric field and many other uses.