• Latin Name: Pinus Silvestris L.
  • CAS No.: 84012-35-1
  • Active Ingredient: Flavonoids
  • Specifications: 0,5%
  • Test Method: UV-Vis
  • Part used: Bark
  • Appearance: Fine brown powder



Pine has various healing properties that allow it to cure various diseases including those of the respiratory system. Used for lung diseases, bronchitis, gallstones, phlegm, cystitis, gout, urinary tract infections, skin infections and inflammations, bladder inflammation, respiratory tract inflammation, gastrointestinal inflammation, flu, sore throat, pyelitis, pneumonia, cold , rheumatism, stagnation of mucus in the airways, cough, to clear the nasal cavity, to improve diuresis.


  • Antiseptic for the urinary and respiratory tract and for the liver
  • Expectorant-fluidifying
  • Antirheumatic
  • Balsamic