Siberian Ginseng



  • Latin name: Eleutherococcus senticosus
  • CAS No: 84696-12-8
  • Active Ingredient: Eleutherosides
  • Specifications: 2%
  • Test method: HPLC
  • Part used: Root
  • Appearance: Brownish yellow fine powder


Eleutherococcus (Eleutherococcus senticosus), also known as Siberian ginseng, is a shrub of the Araliaceae family, native to Siberia and Mongolia. The use of the plant is indicated in states of stress and overexertion, it strengthens the immune system by increasing the number of T lymphocytes and stimulating the activity of white blood cells, useful in asthenia, convalescence, psychophysical exhaustion, fatigue, hypotension , in sporting activity, prevents the onset of diseases, indicated in periods of reduced ability to perform, concentrate and pay attention


  • Tonic-adaptogen.
  • Natural defenses of the organism.
  • Memory and cognitive functions.