Succinic acid is a carboxylic acid naturally present in various fruits (particularly in unripe ones) and in various vegetables (such as lettuce); for industrial use it is synthesized starting from acetic acid. Succinic acid is an acidity regulator and also a flavoring. It can be present in sweets, bakery products, etc. From succinic acid derives succinate, which is a fundamental compound of the Krebs cycle from which fumarate is produced by the succinate dehydrogenase enzyme. Succinic acid is also widely used in the cosmetic field, not only because it is a natural product, but also because it has exfoliating properties. It is often and willingly found both in products that have the purpose of restoring brightness to the skin or in anti-aging, and in creams that have the purpose of treating thick, rough and dull skin.

(CAS No.:9067-32-7)