• Latin Name: Abies Alba
  • CAS No.: 90028-76-5
  • Active Ingredient
  • Specification: 4:1
  • Part used: Leaves
  • Appearance: Fine yellow brown powder



The white fir, Abies alba or Abies pectinata, is a large evergreen tree of the Pinaceae family, belonging to the genus Abies. The white fir is native to central and southern Europe and, now, its natural environment extends from the Pyrenees to the Balkans, passing through the Alps, forming very dense homogeneous forests or mixed with other fir or beech trees. It is a very long-lived plant, which can live up to 800 years, and is one of the largest European trees, capable of reaching a height of about 60 m. The essential oils of fir are used in the treatment of respiratory ailments for their expectorant and balsamic properties, and are also used in the treatment of neuralgia, myalgia and rheumatism.


  • Revitalizing
  • Balsamic
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-inflammatory